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Showbox APK Download

ShowBox APK Download for Android – Latest Version: If you are head-over-heels fan of TV series or have just entered this world, then you might have realized that it is not always easy to get hold of many of such shows. The good news is that there is now a great way to easily enjoy your favourite series and it is called ShowBox. The App is one of the finest entertainment apps there is and is actually vast video library consisting of thousands of movies, old or new, TV shows including animated ones too. This entire database is supported with some really useful features varying from options to download, watch online, and alter the video quality or even the option to be able to employ any other video player which suits the user better.  All these amazing things all in one app and what makes people love this app even more is that, in spite of all this, quite surprisingly, ShowBox APK is absolutely free!

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ShowBox APK for Android

if you have tried to look this app up on Google Play Store, you would have found it not present there. This is so, because the official Showbox 4.82 APK app which was originally present on the Store, was removed by Google owing to some copyright issues. However, ShowBox .APK can be conveniently found for free on a lot of websites and more so, for Android users. There is no issue regarding the app being official or unofficial as the version available on the internet is the same throughout. You can find the links to the latest versions of ShowBox here, along with the steps to be followed for installing it on your Android device. Showbox recently released its latest version ( v 4.13). Here are some of the features of this new version of the app.

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ShowBox APK for Android Features

  • This app is highly flexible. There are no bounds at all upon watching or downloading any number of movies or TV series. Users have the option to either watch the videos online or to download it and save it for a later time for offline viewing of the video.
  • It provides a simple, yet attractive interface with great graphics which make it stand out and at the same time, makes it extremely user-friendly so that anyone can use it without any snags. This also allows easy navigation through the entire host of movies and TV shows available.
  • Users have the option of selecting the desired video quality ranging up to high definition videos suiting their needs and their internet capacities. Quality can be selected from 1000dip to 300dip depending on the compatibility of the device.
  • One of the best features of this app is that there is absolutely no need to sign up, register or to complete any survey to start using this app. Once this app is successfully installed on your device, all you need to do is just search for your desired movie or episode and get on with the viewing without any hassle.
  • The shows and movies are all catalogued very efficiently which lets you filter through them in a lesser time. Also users have the option to create their own list of favourites to make later searches quicker.
  • This app stores all the downloaded data in a folder which is visible when the app is open. Therefore, there is no need to search through your device’s files for downloads.
  • Also, users can share their movies and TV shows with their friends over Wi-Fi.
  • This latest version solves all the previously existing minor bugs and glitches and works smoothly.

All this makes Showbox a complete, one-stop package which is a must-have app for your device. So, here’s how to get on with the installation of this app on your Android device. Since it is not officially available on Google Play Store, the steps given below must be carried out exactly as described for successful installation. Here is how to do it:

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Install ShowBox APK on Android Device

  • First off, download the latest ShowBox apk file ( version 4.13). This can only be found only on the internet and not Play Store. Click here to get the APK of this app for free.
  • Once it has downloaded, navigate to the folder where it has been saved. Then tap on the ShowBox apk file to begin the installation process.
  • Upon tapping the apk file, a message will pop up asking for the user permission to install it on the device. Select ‘Install’ simply to continue since it is similar to all other app permissions.
  • The next few steps would have the option ‘Next’. Keep tapping this option until the process concludes and a message stating “App Installed” appears.
  • The process is now complete and the app can be opened simply by tapping on its icon which will be automatically created and would appear in the menu of your device.


That is all. Show Box apk is now ready to be used from your Android device and you can begin with enjoying what this app offers. So just go through this app’s humongous yet well-organised database full of movies, TV shows, anime, cartoons and videos and select your desired stuff. Mark it as a favoritee, view it online, download it and watch it later offline, whatsoever suits your wish anytime and anywhere you want. Moreover, since there are no hardware requirements of this app, it is not necessary to have a high end Android device for this app to work properly. Because this app’s database is regularly updated, you will not have to miss out any of your favorite show’s episodes or new releases. With this app in your device, you are now open to a whole new world of entertainment to be discovered and explored which can be done suiting the user’s convenience, time and place. So go ahead and enjoy the amazing experience that ShowBox is.